Indie Graphics Builder (Phase 2)

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With the Indie Graphics Builder you create animations, characters, spaceships, maps, platforms, puzzles, icons, menu’s, etc. These creations can be unique from anyone else using the IGB pack. Why?…because most of what we make will be in easy to use pieces. So you can construct, change, and make unique your own graphic creations. Some animations will also be divided to add to your creations in layers.

Documentation and “How To Use” samples will also be included. Our graphics have already been tested in many Game Engines. The IGB is great for game prototyping, placements graphics, or final product.

Key Features:

1) Create Unique Creations - Some pre-made assets are provided, but mostly you will want to make your own so your games will look different.

2) Team License - Use the IGB Package with your development team, all royalty free, no hidden costs (assuming you are an indie game developer and not an established business)

3) New Content - Content evolves depending on support. In early access, get us to work on what you specifically want.

4) Full Access - You may edit, manipulate, & change the graphics in any way for use with your game development. Some Photoshop files included.

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