Character Creator Pack

Product Information

The Indie Graphics Bundle is on Steam. It is not a game or a software, but a collection of thousands of modular sprites.  As part of that bundle, you get the “Character Creator Pack”  This pack will be sold separately also (for those that don’t want the IGB), and have future updates if received well on Steam.

UPDATE: Character Creator Pack arrived –
Also arriving the Space Galaxy Bundle

* This one contains most all the space assets on this site + thousands more for a huge discount.
1) This is the size of the characters:


– Dimensions change a little based of clothing.  This one is 104 x 162.
– Besides changeable clothing, the hair, eyes, skin color and facial expressions can change.  Version 1.0 will test the basics.  Future updates will contain more variety and fixes where need be.

Can You Make Custom Characters?

We’ve been asked if we can do custom characters.  We are working on a plan for this.  But if you are interested in having a character done, email us and express your interest.  You need to own the rights to have that character pixeled.  Maybe you have a photo or drawing you’d like to see come to life.